Quick Start

When you've created a Status Page, you'll be able to create an API Key from the Api Keys tab.

Updating your page programmatically can be done through the REST API, or by using one of our libraries.

Create an API Client

Create an API key for your page on the Api Keys tab of your page management dashboard.

const api = new ZStatusClient({
apiKey: "[API_KEY]"


ZStatus uses cursor based pagination with the following param structure:

interface APIPaginationArgs {
skip?: number;
take?: number;
after?: string; // record ID or cursor
before?: string; // record ID or cursor
first?: number;
last?: number;

Search a resource

const services = await api.getServices({ })

Searches will return the following paginated response structure:

interface PaginatedResponse<T> {
edges: APINode<T>[];
totalCount: number;
pageInfo: APIPageInfo;
interface APINode<T> {
cursor: string;
node: T;
interface APIPageInfo {
hasNextPage: boolean;
hasPreviousPage: boolean;
startCursor?: string;
endCursor?: string;

Get a resource record

const services = await api.getService("cl4ws9q7e0213tovc0kd5rl8m")

Create a resource record

const service = await api.createService({
name: "API"

Update a resource record

const service = await api.updateService("cl4ws9q7e0213tovc0kd5rl8m", {
name: "Frontend"

Delete a resource record

const result = await api.deleteService("cl4ws9q7e0213tovc0kd5rl8m")


  • ApiKey
  • Incident
  • Integration
  • Invitation
  • Member
  • Service
  • ServiceGroup
  • StatusOption
  • Subscription